Economic Development for Riverton Wyoming

Serving Riverton and Fremont County since 1984


Riverton Economic and Community Development Association

RECDA is a community forum where people come together to discuss, plan and put forward ideas about the community.  It is held the fourth Wednesday of every month at the Sundowner.  Business and community leaders attend to discuss what is going on with their business or organization and to hear about new businesses or organizations in the community. 

If you want to be added to the membership roles for RECDA and start receiving meeting notices please fill out the following membership form and send it to Alan Moore at the address on the form.


Membership cost is free - just participate!

Upcoming Meeting Information

 Next RECDA meeting is scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of this month 


RECDA  meets at 7am on the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Sundowner Station Restaurant located at 1616 N. Federal Blvd. Riverton, WY

If you have a topic for a meeting please contact Alan Moore at (307) 856-9214 or Kevin Kershisnik at (307) 856-0952.